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  • New life for old toys

    I’ve accumulated a number of old PCs, laptops, and even a couple of servers over the years. With the recent chip shortages and supply chain problems I’ve taken to finding new applications for them. Compatibility is surprisingly good. The x86-64 platform has been around for a long time. One problem I’ve hit recently is that […]

  • Install Flirc software on Fedora (and other RPM based distros?)

    The Flirc Media Center Companion is a neat little USB device that lets you use any IR remote control with your Raspberry Pi or Android stick. The software you need to set it up is available for Linux but they only maintain the Debian package. There’s an old RPM available but I had problems installing it. […]

  • Lazy Admin’s Guide To Changing Mongo Oplog Size

    Have you read Mongo’s official guide to changing the size of your oplog and found it a bit intimidating? Are you resizing it because you already have replication problems anyway? Might as well rebuild your secondary and increase the oplog size in one shot. It’s basically the same as the procedure outlined here: […]

  • More consistent iteration times

    We were doing some quick and dirty load testing the other day, using a simple shell script to load messages into a queue in batches. The code looked something like: while something ;do echo Sending messages $(date) send-messages some-other-stuff sleep 5 done It seemed to be working but every few iterations, the time would skip […]

  • Running the latest Bing on “not supported” devices

    Workaround for the “Your device has been identified as not supported.” error in the new Bing